Nando Theessen

Charismatic Software Engineer with Strong Leadership Skills and a Passion for Mentoring

Nando's greatest strengths are his outgoing personality, his ability to learn new technologies very quickly and his way to seamlessly integrate into a new environment.
With his four years of leadership experience he takes pride in working for and with teams to help them realize their full potential and deliver on the companies goals.

What makes him a unique candidate is that his experience helps him to prioritize business needs and focus on delivering amazing product without increasing costs.

My Work

A selection of the projects I've tackled over the last couple of months.

Cleaner Point of SaleGitHubLiveVersion

Tech Stack: React (Hooks), TypeScript, Emotion, Express, Travis, webpack, Babel, Jest, Firebase, PostgreSQL, Stripe API

Simplify managing your rental properties through automated assignments for your turnover assistants & provide a convenient way for your customers to pay their invoices via stripe.

Pair Me!GitHubLiveVersion
"Best Overall App" @ LambdaSchool Winter Hackathon '18

Tech Stack: React, Redux, Emotion, Express, webpack, Jest, PostgreSQL, Slack API

Automatically connect your mentors and mentees to ramp up your onboarding & talent development using the slack API.

Relevant Skills

Nando's main focus when it comes to engineering lies on having very good fundamental knowledge. This allows him to pick up any new and trendy technologies very quickly and come to a deep understanding in a short amount of time.

  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript, fundamentals in Python & C
  • Good grasp of the JavaScript ecosystem and relevant tools
  • Strong advocate for testing best practices & code review
  • Loves to learn from and share knowledge with peers
  • Unify teams under company goals and guidelines
  • Familiar with git workflow and able to follow best practices

Contact Me

If you'd like to get in touch for business enquiries or simply a chat about anything at all, please send an email or use any of the tools below:

Nando Theessen